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Outsourced Accounting and Tax Services

Infinity Globus is a leading global accounting company providing Finance and Accounting (F&A) Outsourcing services to accounting firms based in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. One significant difference between offshore and onshore outsourcing is consent. Section 7216 mandates that taxpayers give consent before their 1040 tax information is disclosed to a third party outside of the United States. In 2014, new Section 7216 language went into effect that required more explicit disclosure. As a result, you’ll need a 7216 consent form signature from your clients before outsourcing their returns offshore.

  • All SurePrep outsourcing staff are required to complete a comprehensive 10-week training program.
  • Tax preparation services can give your accounting firm an upper hand during the busiest and most exhausting period of the year.
  • After which, they convey the returns back to you, by the transmission process you select.
  • Since 2008, we have helped numerous CPAs smoothly navigate through the challenging tax seasons especially the 2021 season which has been the most difficult and busiest of all.
  • The offshore team can do this easily, given that they have a designated team of tax preparers and experts who read up on the law and legislation.

On-time work delivery and exceptional support are key traits of an ideal outsourcing service provider. Not only will they assure on-time deliverables and robust results, but they will also be the best support system, so you can always rely on them to complete your tasks. A flexible working approach is a crucial trait that you should be looking for.


Create additional capacity and reduce the strain high-compression periods place on work-life balance by outsourcing to a dedicated team that understands your processes. Most of the CPA firms prefers to outsource​, especially during the busy season. Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS) is focused on providing high-quality accounting, finance, and related back office services to businesses across the U.S. and Australia. It’s important to confirm with the service provider which method they prefer to receive the documents. Also, make sure to keep a copy of all the documents submitted to the service provider for your own records.

Your perfect tax prep outsourcing partner will provide multiple engagement models designed with scalability and make the onboarding process easier and absolutely hassle-free. You need to set up the project budget & payment terms and decide if you’re paying the outsourced service provider based on time worked or per-project basis. It is vital to define deliverables before commencing the project, and you also need to budget for different business scenarios. Take your firm’s efficiency to new levels with our proven mastery of tax preparation outsourcing.

Besides being cost-effective, the advantage of outsourced tax preparation services is their faster turnaround times, given the time zone difference when you work with companies based in countries like India. It helps solve your staffing issues, and your firm doesn’t have to turn away profitable work during the bust tax season. The main advantage is that you will have access to a higher level of expertise. By outsourcing tax preparation services, you can work with tax preparers with extensive experience and skillsets, expecting on-time and accurate deliverables. Data security and confidentiality are vital for your accounting firm with increased data breaches. Partnering with an outsourced tax preparation service provider will ensure that your valuable, sensitive data is secure over the cloud using robust and cutting-edge security.

Why Infinity Globus for Outsource Tax Preparation Services:

Utilize Xpitax and stop worrying about seasonal staff; hire, train, and retain experienced tax staff and managers as W2 employees who support your firms goals and priorities. Outsourcing tax prep internationally has been common
practice for many years, but many misconceptions remain. Because our teams act as an extension of your in-house vertical analysis: definition and overview team and adjust to existing processes, there’s no need to change your existing processes. And with our SOC2 certifications, you know that engagement details and client information remain secure. Our platform manages the database to maintain SOC 2 compliant controls with data security, information policy, and compliance requirements.

It is best to analyze each engagement model so you can evaluate and determine which is best for your accounting firms. CPA firms are constantly flooded with work, especially during tax season. Although this is the time of the year when they have the chance to boost their revenue, it isn’t as easy as presumed. Tax preparation can be demanding, and accounting firm owners must be well-versed with the prospect of always being pressed for time.


It is best to partner with an outsourcing service company that complies with ISO standards and uses robust and secure information technology systems. Let’s look at the top 5 traits of a reputed and trustworthy outsourced tax preparation service provider. A clear benefit of outsourcing tax preparation is that it makes data collection easier. While most accountants are swamped during the unavoidable, busy tax season, staying on top of data collection for a seamless tax filing process can be challenging. Outsourcing makes it easier to get ahold of someone when there are questions, but data collection, organizing, and sorting are also prompt so that risks can be avoided and deadlines can be met. Any mistakes concerning tax filing can have devastating consequences for your accounting firm.

Working long hours and wading through piles of files becomes your daily routine. Outsourced tax return preparation can help tackle this challenge, but only if you have a strategy to help you make the most out of it. 1040SCANverify is available as an alternative to full outsourced tax return preparation services and offers 80% of the work for 20% of the cost.

The outsourcing service provider will then use this information to prepare your clients’ tax returns and share the same with you. This common misconception about outsourced tax preparation services prevents CPA firms from reaping some amazing benefits. Outsourcing service companies will only charge you for the services they provide, and you will save up to 50% or more on operational costs.

Intuit® Accountants launches Intuit Tax Advisor, integ…

He emphasizes on how efficiently the team set up everything remotely and executed all functions, without any hiccups.” Your firm will benefit from full visibility over all sourced engagements. Ensure accurate records and quality control by maintaining a history of all communications for every open and closed job.

We will calculate all your expenses, dividends, profits and losses over the period and deduct part of the expenses such as depreciation, cost of goods sold and other office and property expenses. Here it is also important to consider other relevant expenses such as social security and medical related expenses. We are helping CPA and EA in tax preparation services for their Individual and Business client.

Outsourcing tax prep internationally has been common practice for many years, but many misconceptions remain. Maximize the value of your firm’s investments by leveraging Taxfyle’s domestic outsourcing service. Our skilled professionals are ready to provide your firm with an additional set of hands whenever you need them, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Outsourcing even a portion of your workload can help make peak season more manageable. Our staff uses the same tax software as your firm, so you can review it as if your own staff prepared the return.


The best outsourcing service provider would be able to exhibit a reasonably long and proven track record. It is best to find out the number of clients they have helped scale and the number of years of operation. The more experienced an outsourcing partner is, the better choice they would be compared to the rest.

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